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My Story

For as long as I can remember I have always loved colours. Whilst I was growing up, my dad owned a wallpaper and paint shop and two of my favourite things were the paint swatch books and the small flip books filled with all of the colours that I could ever dream of.
I was also fascinated with the old fashioned wallpaper books which were full of beautiful diverse designs. When a book became obsolete, my dad would bring it home for me and I would spend hours making paper lanterns, paper chains and origami from the pages.
Admittedly, my love for colour and design never waned and so my small card making business began from my home in Kent.
The little paper lantern making girl in me is the designer, whilst my grown up and responsible side ensures to source top quality card, paper, ribbon and graphics for all aspects of the designs. Many of my card designs are printed on genuine thick watercolour board which gives a satisfying textured yet sturdy feel to the cards.
I also love to make gift boxed cards, as there’s so much room for creativity - these boxes are often printed by myself which are packed with vibrancy and coordinating designs. I do hope that you enjoy browsing my shop.

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